Construction of a pier at Revigny sur Ornain

Two years ago, the Revigny operations centre personnel built a mooring quay for one of the Asterix department’s ice-breakers.

It became obvious that this new installation was being used without authorisation by recreational users of the “Canal de la Marne au Rhin Ouest”. To compensate for the lack of reception infrastructures for waterway users between Fains-Véel and Pargny-sur-Saulx, the operations centre personnel rolled up their sleeves. They have built a wooden mooring pier for recreational watercraft at Revigny sur Ornain.

The 2 operations team managers, B. Arnicot and A. Morat, responsible for the construction work, rose to the challenge with the centre’s 11 employees, and built this 30-metre installation equipped with 5 bollards.

We are certain that this new stopover on the CMRO waterway will give full satisfaction to our users.

In conclusion: A good job done!

The pier during and after its construction
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