Our missions in detail

On behalf of VNF, we are responsible for :

  • Operation of waterway traffic (boat traffic on network and through locks) and water management in navigable rivers and canals (supply and regulation via weirs and water inlets).
  • Maintenance of public waterway infrastructures (locks, weirs, canals, dykes, banks, etc.).
  • The restoring, modernisation and building new infrastructures.
  • The promotion and development of waterways and river networks in partnership with other actors for activities linked to goods transportation and tourism.
  • The management of toll payments, verification of port concessions, and all use of the public river network by third parties.
  • The promotion of environmentally friendly techniques and practices (ISO 14001 certification and sustainable development label).

On behalf of the French government, we are responsible for :

  • Policing navigation by verifying boats.
  • Issuing aptitude certificates and navigation permits.
  • Granting authorisations for events on water.
  • Conducting studies on risk management and flood-related disasters.
  • Maintaining, managing and restoring natural rivers.
  • Policing water use (verification of water outtakes, effluents, hydroelectric plants, alluvial quarries, town planning recommendations, etc.).
  • Policing fishing.
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